High rise teleROLL, mobile telescopic roller conveyor

The teleROLL™ is used for:

  • Transport of boxes; 
  • Unloading of goods at floor level;
  • Unloading of goods at different levels (teleiROLL™ with high rise frame);
  • Small volumes for unloading on a yearly base. pewiROLL

De teleROLL™ consists of several roller conveyor sections that can be slided into or out of each other. For the transfer from one section to the next there are transfer rollers (smaller rollers that can meet the differences in height). The first seven rollers, of the highest roller conveyor sections, are made of galvanized steel, to absorb the impact of laying down/smashing the boxes on the teleROLL™. Each section has frames on wheels that can be adjusted in height. The boxes are moving because of the gravitation. Different extension lengths are available. The length depends on the number of roller conveyor sections.

Advantages teleROLL™

Specifications teleROLL™

Cost-saving features:

  • Efficient working use increases labour productivity
  • High safety and good working condition
  • Movability
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable length
  • No power drive, so no energy cost
  • Suitable for use at loading bays and from A to B

  • Useful width 500 mm, 600 mm or 700 mm
  • Sturdy welded construction, heavy-duty roller section
  • 7 rollers are Ø50 mm steel galvanized
  • Distance 65 mm
  • Ø20 mm roller, galvanized steel at transfer sections
  • Ø50 mm high impact PVC rollers, as guide rollers between sections
  • Extra support for rollers at transfer sections
  • Heavy duty sliding system between sections
  • Adjustable height at each transfer section (frame)
  • Load capacity 50 kg/m
  • Standard with drawing bar and end stop
  • Wheels Ø150mm, with foot brakes on each frame
  • Wheels are covered with nylon to facilitate the mobility of the teleROLL™

Options teleROLL™

  • End stop
  • Connecting hook
  • Stainless steel bearings for humid environments

Dimensions of various versions


Height difference between the work floor and loading / unloading floor (X)

Rear height pewiROLL ™ HD with raised chassis (Y)

Separate mobile roller conveyor that can be adjusted in height (Z)

a.)    1.050/1.400



b.)    1.150/1.500



c.)    1.250/1.600



d.)    1.300/1.650



e.)    1.350/1.700



f.)     1.450/1.800



g.)    1.050/1.400